Nassau County, N.Y. Officer John Saleh rescues dog .. keeps it in the family

August 24, 2015 Nassau County, New York Officer John Saleh responded to a complaint of an abandoned dog in an apartment and rescued the part German Shepard mix. The dog was taken to a shelter in Wantagh, NY where it was put up for adoption according to Nassau County Police’s Facebook Page. But the story goes a bit beyond that.

Officer Saleh who is apparently quite the animal lover found that the dog who is named Brooklyn was indeed a good natured animal and might just be a good family pet. Though Saleh already has a dog of his own and three is a crowd, Saleh had a brother-in-law who lives in Albany who did not have any pets.

A meeting was arranged between Officer Saleh’s brotherin-law Brian Upton’s family of six and the dog to see if they would be a good match for each other. According to Fox5NY Saleh said “My brother-in-law said: ‘Hey, if you love that dog this much, we might adopt it,'”

“Yes, this does complete the family,” Upton said. “We got a new house… The kids, the dog, people playing around. Should be good.”

“The plus is that I get to visit it now as well, along with my nieces and nephews,” Saleh said.


Police Officer John Saleh and Brooklyn
Police Officer John Saleh and Brooklyn

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