Heroes don’t wear capes but they may be faster than a speeding locomotive..

Two Deputies Save a man from being crushed by a train.

On August 3, 2015 Two Sheriff’s Deputies from San Mateo County, Ca. Dep. Lance Whitted and Dep. Erik Rueppel saved the life of a motorist who may have been under the influence and unable to help himself.
The incident happened in Sunnyvale at the intersection of North Mary Avenue and West Evelyn Avenue around 6;30 P.M. and was caught on film by a person who later posted the video to Youtube.

claltrainnewsDep. Lance Whitted and Dep. Erik Rueppel

Source: Caltrain_News

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Some things never go viral

Jacksonville Sheriffs Officer helps a child with his bicycle

Everyday Police officers and Deputy Sheriff’s across our nation make connections with the communities that they serve quietly, without any attention. They do it because they want to not because it is in their job description. They do it because helping people is what they want to do not but because someone is looking or or for notoriety.

Jacksonville Sheriffs Officer
Credit unknown: Jacksonville Sheriffs Officer

They are people trying to serve and protect their communities under difficult circumstances and it seems that the only time they get any attention is when something goes wrong. Then it is “news worthy” and all officers are judged by that event.

The events that should be noted are like this one where a Jacksonville Sheriffs Deputy helps a child fix his bicycle. Why won’t these acts of kindness where Officers reach out to the community ever go viral yet incidents that never really happened can spark entire movements of outrage and division?

If a movement is to take place, let it be one of cooperation, understanding and trust built upon small acts of kindness that happen everywhere yet have gone without notice. Spread the word!