Maynardville, Tn. Police Department Sgt puts a smile on toddlers face

Just another day in Maynardville, Tn. for a Sgt. on Patrol who happened to be in a local Establishment known as Mindy’s Pizza Parlor. But one that was memorable for a patron and her toddler.

A patron of Mindy’s Pizza happened to be there with her son as a Sgt. from the Maynardville Police Department took notice of the boy and decided to try his luck at a game of chance with a coin operated stuffed animal grab machine. The Sgt. who is believed to be Sgt. Donnie Shipley won two stuffed animals for the child and presented him with the gifts just to see the child smile.

Danielle Bryant thanked the officer with a quick note to the local news at adding a couple photos of the event stating it was a “great experience”

Credit: Danielle Bryant
Credit: Danielle Bryant

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