ST. LOUIS, Mo. Officer reaches out to 5 year old child

On August 12th 2015 5 year old Jakeem Brown witnessed his mother Whitney Brown’s murder on the streets on North St. Louis, Mo. The child witnessed a double homicide that evening and has been staying with relatives since. But it is not only relatives that are concerned about the trauma that has been inflicted on the child.

According to News 4 KMOV an unknown Police Officer from St. Louis County Police and his wife who remain anonymous both picked up young Jakeem and took him school shopping. Jakeem said that Green was his mothers favorite color so they bought the child an assorted bevy of green clothing including sneakers, jacket and shirts.

Jakeem’s grandmother says that the contact he has had with the Officer has been very positive and hopefully will show Jakeem that not all Police Officers are bad and she hoped that their relationship will continue.

She added of the officer to KMOV “You don’t find too many people who would be willing to help somebody going through tragedy,” said Jakeem’s grandmother Erica Jones. “His gesture of kindness and gratitude that he showed to my grandson speaks volumes.”

Jakeem st louis mo


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