Mother and two children stranded in Sacramento, Helped by caring Police

Ernestina Ortiz was traveling with her two children and ended up stranded in Sacramento, Ca. without enough money to return home nor did she have enough money for lodging. Not knowing where to turn and fearing sleeping on  the streets with her children she was lucky that Sacramento Police officer Edwin Nonog found them downtown and that Sacramento Police Cares.

Officer Nonog is a father himself and said that not a a Police officer but as a person “I just couldn’t bear the fact of them being on the streets,”

With the help of a program called Sacramento Police Cares, Officer Nonog was able to get the family a Hotel room for the night and transportation back home.

The program Sacramento Police Cares is entirely funded by private donations and was set up in 2012 and has helped out in more than 50 instances so far. They have a website that can be found here or a facebook page that can be found here Sacramento Police Cares Facebook.

CBS Scaremento Interviewed Ortiz who stated ““Where I come from, our police departments up there don’t do anything like that,”


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