Lowell, Arkansas Police Officer Grant Hall does unto others .. and pays it forward

Ruth Corbin who is 82 years old and lives in Louisiana was making literally perhaps the most important trip of her life during which  what could go wrong did. She was on the way to see her 92 year old sister who was dying when she was involved in an accident.  Leaving the car totaled she had rented in the regional airport she had flown into. Alone, stranded and several hours away from her destination she was naturally too upset to continue on with her somber errand.

According to Arkansas Online Corbin said: “I’m 82 and something like that just throws me for a loop, I was just very nervous and upset.”

Patrol Officer Grant Hall drove Corbin back to the Airport where she had rented the vehicle and waited with her while she spoke with the rental company and then he left.

Corbin was too shaken to continue with her journey but was also burdened by the thoughts she was having. “I just walked around the airport and thought and thought, ‘What should I do,'” Corbin said.

Corbin spoke of her sisters condition stating: “It was just so shocking,” Corbin said. “It just broke my heart. She is 92 years old and started having problems. I love her so much. We were always really close until she got to the point where she couldn’t live on her own so she went to live with her daughter in Mountain Home. We didn’t have the opportunity to see her after that. It has been a couple of years since I saw her last.”

A few weeks prior, Corbin had received a picture of her sister a nephew sent.  Apparently her sister had lost weight and was becoming unresponsive at times when people spoke with her.

Officer Hall had finished his tour of duty and gone home. But he apparently couldn’t shake Corbin’s plight from his mind. He had the telephone number of her family and contacted them to check on her, but they said that they were having trouble contacting her themselves.

Hall was concerned so he returned to the Airport to look for Corbin himself. Hall said “”Something kept telling me to check on her. She was stranded there. I would want someone to do it for my family.”

Hall finally found her about 7:00 P.M. To say that Corbin was shocked to see him looking for her might be appropriate.

According to Arkansas Online Corbin said: “I looked up all of a sudden and saw this guy coming toward me and he looked familiar,” Corbin said. “I about dropped my teeth.” Corbin said she asked if Hall could take her to a hotel, but he refused. “He said, ‘I’m not taking you to a hotel, I’m taking you to Mountain Home, Ark.,'” Corbin said. “I almost fainted.”

Hall and another of Lowell’s Finest Sgt. Kris Spangler drove Ruth in his own car over three hours to her destination. . Although Corbin offered to pay for Halls gas Hall refused to accept any money from her.  Hall returned home himself about 1:30 A.M. the next day according to Corbin.

His payment of course was as big a hug as Corbin could give him.

It would not be the last hug that Corbin was to give though. It took several days for Ruth’s sister to recognize her but when she finally did “When she did, oh my goodness, chills went all over me and I hugged her real close,” Corbin said. “It was a wonderfully rewarding experience for me because I got to see her one more time.”

Ruth believes that it is likely that this will be the last time she sees her sister and she was very thankful that Officer Hall helped make that possible for her adding extra time for her to be with her sister.

Hall’s Supervisor Lowell police Lt. Paul Pillaro commented: It says a lot about him. He didn’t get anything out of it. He wouldn’t even take money for gas.”

Corbin said she will never forget Hall’s help. It is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for her.

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