Dallas Officers treat 4 year old gunshot victim, credited for saving her life

The Dallas Morning News reported that a family of 4 were driving through the Oak Cliff area when their car was struck by gunfire from three individuals. One of the occupants of the vehicle a 4 year old child was struck in the leg with two bullets. The child’s mother attempted to halt the bleeding with a tee shirt but was unsuccessful. having knowledge of a large Police presence at a downtown event at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center the parents rushed in that area looking for officials for help.

Thankfully the mother was able to flag down Officer J. Saldana who called for assistance. His colleagues did their best to dress the child’s wounds and found that the original tee shirt bandage was still allowing blood to ‘spurt’ out from the original wound.  According to the Dallas Morning News Police said Officers Mattox and Tovar applied a tourniquet to her leg, while a third officer, Officer B. Helms, dressed the girl’s wounds. A police supervisor on the scene said the officer’s actions helped the girl from bleeding out.

The officers used special anti-clotting gauze that had been donated by the Tannehill Masonic Lodge in January for use on Officers injuries and trauma victims.

Police officials reported that Officer Mattox was captivated by the girls bravery and called her a “trooper”

“The Dallas Police Department would like to commend Officer J. Saldana, C. Mattox, J. Tovar, and B. Helms for their paramount actions during those four minutes that helped save a young child’s life,” the statement said.

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