Ocala Sgt E. Hay observes and takes action

While on the way for breakfast Sgt. Erica Hay being the trained observer that she is noticed a homeless man sitting on a curb and took action. Unknown to her a  TiAnna Greene witnessed what the Ocala, Fl. Officer was about to do and took photos of the incident. TiAnna posted the photos to her facebook account and people took notice.

Sgt. Hay made a quick stop and bought breakfast for two, then she approached the homeless individual and sat on the curb with him and made a friend sharing breakfast.

TiAnna was so moved by seeing the act of extraordinary kindness that she spoke with Sgt. Hay . She posted the following to her facebook page:

“I don’t know this officer, but, I admire her today and everyday. It appeared that she purchased this gentleman’s breakfast and decided to sit down and have breakfast with him. Absolutely wonderful act of kindness that seemed to come naturally for her. Although I was only blessed to witness less than 2 minutes of her kindness that definitely came from the heart, it truly made my morning!! If anyone knows this fine officer, please let her know that she made a difference today not only in the life of this gentleman, but, in the lives of everyone that she comes in contact with. I’m sure of that!! God bless us all!!!

Huffington Post interviewed Sgt. Hay who stated “He’s just another person, just like I am. I know I enjoy company when I eat. I just sat down and ate with him,” Hay told HuffPost. “He’s … just like any other citizen. He’s homeless, he might need our assistance more … but he needs us just like everyone else does.”

Greene was also interviewed by the Hufington Post and said “I looked over and said to [my daughter], ‘See? That’s a real good sign of compassion — that you care for other people no matter where they are in their lives,'” Greene told HuffPost. “It was a real teachable moment for her. It showed [her] that not all law enforcement are bad.”

Sgt Hay and hmeless man OPDFL

Credit TiAnna Greene




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