Trooper Mike Rudy provides an escort, into the world.

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. Dispatch receives a call from a motorist on Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon who is having some difficulty. The caller was taking her pregnant daughter who was having labor pains to Skagit Valley Hospital. However when less than one mile from the hospital they could no longer continue.

The woman’s labor pains were a minute apart as she spoke with the dispatcher.  Trooper Mike Rudy was dispatched to the scene assuming he would be escorting the motorist to the hospital. But when he arrived he realized that the mothers progress in delivery was much further along than anticipated or expected.

Trooper Rudy realized that there would not be enough time to get the woman to  the hospital. So he prepared to deliver the baby himself.

According to Rudy “I looked down there and there was the head, and I just held the head and she pushed and the baby came to about the neck, and I let her relax for a second and coached her through pushing again and she pushed and the rest of the baby came out and then I just placed the baby on the chest,”

The Trooper is a father of seven children himself.

**Embargo: Seattle, WA** Washington State Patrol troopers are trained to respond to calls for help, but one of them -- Trooper Mike Rudy -- went beyond the call of duty Saturday, August 8, 2015,:  The father of seven delivered a baby on I-5 in Mount Vernon, Washington.
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