Orlando, Fl. Officer Greg Smith ” it happens every day.”

Orlando, Fl. Police are under scrutiny for current events as are many Departments across our nation. However the simple acts of kindness very often go unnoticed. It takes a citizen like Clyde King of Orlando to write a letter to the Orlando Sentinel to get any attention at all.

WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO reports that according to Clyde King on one of the hottest days of the year so far he observed an Officer in his patrol car talking with a homeless man who was sitting on the street. The officer left and returned a short time later, Mr. King expected some bad outcome from the returning officer but was so shocked he had to write about it to the paper. King was later interviewed by WOFL and said “I’m embarrassed that that came to my mind, quite frankly,”.

Officer Greg Smith was interviewed and stated: “I rolled up to him and asked him to come to the car and he just sat there like ‘Oh great, now he’s just here to mess with me because I’m homeless.’”

During their discussion the homeless man asked Officer Smith for water. So Smith did what nobody else was willing to do on the crowded street.

“I ran over to [Orlando Police Headquarters], grabbed a handful of waters and came back, and I pulled up and he was still sitting there and I asked him to come over to the car and he kind of looked at me, and I was like ‘Hey man, I got your waters,’ and he couldn’t believe that I actually came back.” Smith said.

Smith noted to reporters that interviewed him “If [we] can’t do anything else but give him a couple of waters, we give him waters. Not everybody sees it but it, but it happens every day.” and that the man just looked like he needed help.

Orlando Officer Greg Smith
Credit: Fox 35


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