Douglasville, Ga. Officer feeds a homeless man ..

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. an unknown officer was seen talking  to a homeless man on August 2, 2015. After exiting his patrol car to talk with the man who is a regular on  the street according to Evelyn Ortega who witnessed the incident something noteworthy occurred. She took a moment to capture it with a digital device and uploaded it to her facebook account. Unfortunately, like other good things that Officers do it didn’t go viral.

The unknown Officer exited his patrol unit spoke with the homeless individual who does not panhandle but rather just sits and talks to himself. After their brief discussion the Officer went back to his Patrol car and then returned to the homeless man still sitting on  the sidewalk.

The Douglasville Officer gifted him with a bag of food and offered him a drink then walked away leaving the young man with his bounty. The Douglasville Police have recognized the act but not the Officer’s name in public thanking Ms. Ortega for sharing the photo.

Evelyn Ortega douglasville ga
Credit: Evelyn Amaya Ortega

Acts of kindness are common in the profession of Law Enforcement, which is probably why they don’t get the widespread publicity they deserve. There are few media outlets covering this incident one was found here at MyFoxPhilly (FOX 5 WAGA).

The original facebook post can be viewed here. Facebook post of Evelyn Amaya Ortega



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