Ansonia,Ct. Officer Michael Castillo fixing problems.

July 27, 2015 Ansonia, Ct. Police Officer Michael Castillo responded to a fight in progress call outside the local target Store. Upon his arrival he found a group of kids, not fighting but rather having other problems. After a brief discussion that was witnessed by Faith Bisson Taylor Officer Castillo set about the task of taking corrective measures.

Upon his arrival expecting to see some disturbance as was reported by someone he instead found a group of kids outside the Target store ‎and questioned them. According to  a WTNH reporter who later interviewed the Officer Castillo said “I said, ‘hey, are you guys fighting?’ They said, ‘no we’re friends.’ Then I saw one of the bikes was broken, and the kid said, ‘my bike is broken, so I just got down and fixed it,”

“Officer Mike” as he is known to the kids around the area spends time with the kids regularly playing basketball with them. His motivation comes from his own childhood experiences with police Officers stating “When I was a kid, I looked up to police officers, and I want that same thing.”

Faith Bisson Taylor witnessed the ‎interaction between Castillo and the kids and took a snapshot of it without Castillo knowing.

Officer Michael Castillo ansonia ct
Credit: Faith Bisson Taylor‎

She posted it to her facebook account tagging the Astonia Police Department with the following caption:

Not sure what officer this is, but it’s nice to see an officer in a good and kind way. This guy takes “to serve and protect” to heart… He was driving the #5 SUV cruiser. This was right in front of Target at about 8:00 pm! Give this guy some kudos!”

This is the heart and soul of community policing and what makes a good Officer a great one. Leaving the people they work with a positive impression showing the people that they truly are.



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