Heroes don’t wear capes but they may be faster than a speeding locomotive..

Two Deputies Save a man from being crushed by a train.

On August 3, 2015 Two Sheriff’s Deputies from San Mateo County, Ca. Dep. Lance Whitted and Dep. Erik Rueppel saved the life of a motorist who may have been under the influence and unable to help himself.
The incident happened in Sunnyvale at the intersection of North Mary Avenue and West Evelyn Avenue around 6;30 P.M. and was caught on film by a person who later posted the video to Youtube.

claltrainnewsDep. Lance Whitted and Dep. Erik Rueppel

Source: Caltrain_News

According to reports the Officers were a few blocks away when they heard a vehicle crash into a rail road crossing. After rushing to the scene the Two officers saw a vehicle stranded, trapped by a gate on Railroad tracks as a train approached. As Deputy Whitted pulled the motorist from the vehicle his partner Deputy Rueppel tried to wave the train down to slow and buy his partner and the motorist time.
The driver had to be removed from the vehicle through his window apparently and while trying to run from the oncoming train with Deputy Whitted he fell. Thankfully deputy Whitted was able to drag him to safety and saved his life.
According to Whitted he and his partner were “just in the right place at the right time” “doing what they were trained to do”.

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